Hundreds of calculations made easy


Hate Maths? Love Mathokist! With dozens of calculations in one app, Mathokist can make life easier and saves you time. 

Mathokist solves problems and works out the calculations for you, all you have to do is select the option, enter the values and then press calculate, it’s that easy.

What can you do with Mathokist? 

* Split the bill and add a tip so that everyone pays their fair share! 

* Calculate area / volume / weights in American, British and Metric systems. 

* Want to know your Body Mass Index (BMI) or how many alcohol units are in that beer you're drinking? Ask Mathokist to find the answers. 

* When shopping at home or abroad, convert into local sizes and add any local taxes, and compare the unit prices to make sure you're getting the best deal. 

* Confused by Financial calculations such as compound interest, profit margin or depreciation? Let Mathokist work it out for you!  

* DIY? Mathokist can calculate the amount of materials you need and work out the cost. 

* If you don't know know how to work out your tyre pressure, or want to know how much fuel you've used then select the Driving option and problem solved! 

* Standard maths questions and problems, such as fractions and percentages, are included to help check your child's homework. 

These are just some of the calculations, so whatever you need is readily available within Mathokist.   

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